The more you come, the cheaper it gets!!

Monthly memberships - A lot of the regular attendees have moved onto a monthly membership rate whereby they pay a monthly direct debit of £35 for ALL classes including Bootcamp and Kettlercise courses, plus running (so if you are a regular and attend more than 2 other classes a month then you will save money!)

It means a) no faffing about for change every week

b) you'll save money if you are a regular user, especially for Kettlercise and Bootcamp, and

c) most people find that paying up front means they are more likely to attend!! If you want to switch to this method of paying then let me know and I can give you my bank details. You are of course able to cancel your direct debit at any time, provided a minimum of 3 months has passed & please let me know!

PLEASE NOTE there will be occasions when classes aren't run when I am on holiday (usually 1 week over Christmas, 1 week in April/May and a week in August) - if this will provide a problem for you then you are of course able to cancel your direct debit that month if you want to :-) There may also be very rare occasions classes are cancelled due to poor weather/illness (only happened I think once in 7 years, and that's cos I was in hospital heavily pregnant!!) but I do reserve the right to cancel classes if necessary.

Please also note that this payment is for a MINIMUM OF 3 MONTHS and can't be used for one month only!