Boring but important!

These Terms and conditions are for those of you who come to Kettlercise, Bootcamp and any of the other pay-up-front classes.

Unfortunately due to the continual amount of late payers, I am introducing the following -

If you fail to pay by the specified payment date (usually one week prior to the start of the course, or on the start date of Bootcamp) then the price for that course will increase by 1 per session. Hopefully this means that none of you will have to pay it, as everyone will pay on time! Bootcampers must pay by the start of the Bootcamp (usually a Tuesday), regardless of the day you are starting.

With regards to cancellations - if, more than once, you ask for a space on a course but do not take it up and fail to inform me prior to its start, you will move to the reserve list next time and therefore may no longer have a place available. Particularly on the over-subscribed courses like Kettlebells, it means that other people lose their space if you reserve one, and do not turn up.

These terms will be enforced from the 24th June 2014 with NO exceptions! Sorry!