Get your punches in!!




Wednesday 6.30-7.10pm Winslow Public



What is Boxercise?  Boxercise is a brilliant class that burns calories, provides an intense cardio workout combined with resistance training, all in one class! Using pads and gloves, you will punch your way to superior fitness while having an exciting, exhilarating class. Your arms will ache the next day, but that's only a good thing, right?! 


What equipment do I need?  There are two options - provide your own, or you can use mine. The pads and gloves you need can easily be found online (ebay has sets for about £18, just search for Boxercise pads and gloves. There are different sizes available - if you have smaller hands go for the smaller sizes!) - it is much better to have your own as they get really smelly (think of all those hot sweaty hands in the leather!) but if you don't want to shell out right away then you're welcome to use mine! However I have limited numbers so you will need to book (see below) 


How much does it cost?  

Free to monthly members - if you want to use my kit then please let me know you're coming so I have enough stuff! 

£5 drop in for non-members, no need to book, if you have your own kit 

£7 drop in if you need to use kit